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About Jennifer

My mission is to be a witness to the multi-dimensional healing the universe provides.


                                                                            Jennifer C, LMT
                                                            "Body Listener"                                  

*  I am a graduate of Phoenix Therapeutic Massage College (1994)

*  I have certificates in and have practiced many different techniques, ie:   
    Therapeutic, Swedish, Sports, Muscle Release TechniqueSM, Trigger Point
    Therapies, Reflexology, Polarity, Myofacial, East Indian Head & Face Massage,
    Reiki & Chi Kung.

*  I am a life long student committed to natural healing techniques.

*  I am a lover of Mother Earth, animals, people and being of service to bring relief.

*  I support and donate to:  Recycling, Humane Society, World Wildlife Federation,
    Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Salvation Army & National Park Foundation.

                                                  A message from Jennifer

Massage is an ancient art that adds a new level of awareness to your knowledge of the benefits of healthy touch.              

The hands of a massage therapist deliver touch techniques that can bring clients many benefits, from less pain and stress to greater range of motion, improved sleep and circulation, which can do wonders for the mind.  The long term effects are less stress and more energy.  The freedom to express one's gifts authenically is the ultimate sign of healing and is beneficial for us all.

The benefits of any touch therapy would make this a better world in which to live if everyone were to find the value of touch for themselves.

I have a sincere commitment to provide the highest quality care to those who seek my professional services.